Running Bio

EReas_Headshot_0416Coach Emilie has been running competitively since her days as captain of her high school track and cross-country teams, where she was a top 100-m and 300-m hurdler and cross-country runner. Her distance of choice has grown with age; over the last decade she’s completed ten marathons and a handful of half marathons. She qualified for the Boston marathon in her first ever marathon in 2006, naively unaware of the significance of a “BQ”. She has since competed at Boston twice and has twice won first place in her marathon division. After a streak of frustrating injuries, she began running barefoot in 2013 in a quest for injury-free running. Because of the radical transformation she experienced, she is now a strong advocate of natural biomechanics to support healthy, efficient running technique. Coach Emilie has developed and teaches a series of barefoot running workshops and serves as the San Diego chapter president of the Barefoot Runners Society. Building from her training as a neuroscientist, she devours the scientific literature on biomechanics and physiology, and applies this knowledge to optimize her clients’ running. She is deeply passionate about sharing the joys of running, and to this end, became a certified Road Runners Club of America coach in 2016.

Coaching Style & Philosophy

Coach Emilie believes that running is a fundamentally personal sport and knows that cookie-cutter programs are inadequate for achieving her clients’ goals. She is attentive to each runner’s unique needs and develops plans that are structured yet adaptable. She’ll take your running as seriously as her own and is devoted to helping you attain your performance and health goals. Coach Emilie has both experienced and witnessed the life transformations that running can bring, not only through improved fitness and health, but also through enhanced life satisfaction and happiness! She is committed to sharing these benefits with others and hopes to share the many joys of running with you.IMG_0052

Coaching Services

Coach Emilie knows that no two runners are alike and will develop a customized training plan designed specifically for your unique set of goals, running level, and lifestyle. Whether you’re aiming to run your first 5k or PR at your tenth marathon, coach Emilie is committed to helping you achieve your aims. She lives in sunny San Diego, CA, but happily accepts clients from around the globe. Clients will have unlimited communication through email, online services, or phone check-ins as desired. Just a few of the elements that Emilie’s program can provide include safe distance progression to increase endurance, targeted pace workouts to improve speed, and gait analysis to refine your biomechanics and minimize injury risk. As an experienced barefoot runner, she can also guide those interested in optimizing their running style by transitioning to barefoot or minimalist running. Her services go beyond prescribing daily workouts; she believes in an integrative approach to improve all aspects of running. She integrates an evidence-based framework into a multi-modal teaching method to promote strength and recovery, and optimize health and performance.

Coaching fees are as follows:

  • In-person (or remote) gait analysis and biomechanics optimization: $50
  • One-time customized training plan: $40
  • Dynamic training plan with real-time adaptations: $120/month
    • Unlimited communication via email, text or phone
    • Strength training, recovery and injury prevention advice

If you’re looking to take your running to the next level of performance and enjoyment, contact Coach Emilie for more information or to schedule a consultation.



Using Coach Emilie’s customized training plan I finished my first ever half-marathon at a 7:37/mile pace, much faster than my sub-9:00/mile target. I was shocked especially considering I had never run more than 6 miles before beginning training. Thanks Coach Emilie!

– Russell, San Diego

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